Rick Butler

For most of my life on this planet I’ve been exploring the world that we live in and still have an ongoing fascination with visiting new places that I have never experienced before. With each journey I’ve tried to capture and record unique visions of these locations and their inhabitants.  

I have now traveled to nearly 60 countries on six continents, shooting thousands of photos, many of which have been published in newspapers and magazines (see some samples below) across Canada.

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For the past several years I have divided my time between British Columbia and Mexico, while continuing to build my stock of photos from around the globe. 

Contact me at: rixglobalpix@yahoo.com


Above are some of my pix that have made it on to magazine covers

Below are links to some stories, written by Robin Roberts and illustrated with my photographs. For more samples of our travels around the world, click here to visit Robin’s Words Travel section.

An African Adventure
Perfect Storm – Hello Magazine
Shades of the Amazon
High on the Rockies
To the Ends of the Earth

Click on the link below to see some unique image vignettes like this one.


















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