Remove Background, Erase Unwanted Objects, Add Shadows

 Separate an object/subject from its background, add shadow for depth


Add new backgrounds or merge with type, logos etc.


Volume orders with reasonable pricing for commercial or industry work, such as catalogues, brochures, flyers, advertisements, websites, magazines and newspapers, etc. to help showcase products.


Natural-looking cropping. It won’t look like it’s been cut out with a pair of scissors!

Clipping Paths

A clipping path crops out the background from your subject, rendering the background invisible. Without a clipping path, the background remains white. A clipping path allows you to place the cropped object over the top of any other background you choose.

The disadvantages are that shadows cannot be added, since shadows need to be merged to a background to look natural. Also, if the object/subject has fine detail, such as hair or fur, it is difficult to make the hair or fur look natural because the clipping path creates a hard edge. If your subject has fine detail that needs to be cropped, it’s best to leave the background white and place your subject over a white background. This gives your layout a soft, natural-looking edge and shadows. If only part of the subject will be placed over a coloured bar or logo, etc., a partial clipping path can be added to just the areas that may go over. But for the best results of fine, detailed images, a clipping path should not be used, the subject should be merged with its new background. In these cases, I would need all the parts to be merged together, including the exact sizes and colour breaks.

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