The Mask of Tutankhamun

King Tut, the most famous Egyptian Pharaoh, died in his late teens and remained at rest in Egypt’s Valley of the Kings for over 3,300 years. His tomb was discovered in 1922 by Egyptologist Howard Carter. Inside the burial chamber were four gilded shrines nested one inside the other. The inner-most of these covered a stone sarcophagus. Inside that were three coffins, the inner-most made of 110 kg (282 lb) of solid gold. Inside that lay the pharaoh himself, wearing this beautiful gem-encrusted gold mask.

To purchase this Fine Art Print, email a message to RixGlobalPix@Yahoo.com and let me know the title of the print you wish to order plus your name and the address you would like it shipped to.

After sending the email, simply click on the “Buy Now” button below to make your purchase.



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